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Knightdale High School has enjoyed athletic success since its doors opened in 2004.

The Knights have won seven NCHSAA State Championships and 14 Greater Neuse Championships. Currently, an average of 80% of Knightdale High School athletes earn Greater Neuse Academic All-Conference honors. Knightdale truly understands the word “student” in the term STUDENT-athlete.  2017 marks the year of a new conference.  NCHSAA has realigned the state.  We stay as a 4a and now part of the Northern Athletic Conference 6, NAC-6.

By joining the Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design Athletic Boosters you help ensure the continued academic and athletic success of more than 300 student-athletes in 19 different sports.

Revenue generated from selling athletic passes and corporate sponsorships are used to cover costs such as Catastrophic Insurance, NCHSAA Membership, Awards/Plaques/Letters, Banners, Signs, Sports Medicine equipment and supplies, transportation, facility upgrades/maintenance and more.

Your financial support allows Knightdale High School students to compete as a top-tier program within the Northern Athletic Conference 6 and within North Carolina High School Athletics Association.

Your membership and involvement in the Knightdale High School of Collaborative Design Athletic Booster Club is essential in order to build and maintain a strong athletic program and to continue to represent, in the best possible way, the community in which we live.

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