Welcome to the Knightdale High School Athletic Booster Club

All of the coaches and student-athletes benefit from the success of the Booster Club each year. This is your opportunity to show “Knightdale Knights Spirit” by joining the Knightdale High School Athletic Booster Club.

The Booster Club was formed to support all of our student athletes at Knightdale High School. The athletic budget will be extensive, especially the first few years, as we continue to expand our Athletic Programs.

The Wake County School System contributes less than $900 per year to the Athletic Budget!

Revenue generated from selling athletic passes and corporate sponsorships will be used to cover costs such as Catastrophic Insurance, NCHSAA Membership, Awards/Plaques/ Letters, Banners, Signs, Sports Medicine equipment and supplies, transportation, and facility upgrades.

To answer any questions on membership, please contact Athletic Director  Andrew Vaglio via email or by phone at 919.217.5376.